Juvenile Red-Tailed Hawk In Our Yard On Cape Cod


I heard the Crows squawking the other day and went outside to see what all the ruckus was about. There, high in the tree in our front yard was this Red-Tailed Hawk perched, apparently looking for lunch. We’ve had one chick hatch in our yard the past two summers, so I wondered if this was the latest one.

He doesn’t look quite mature yet… maybe he’s a juvenile?

I have to add a little more to this story… last weekend I saw some movement way high up in one of the trees in our back yard. I looked up and there was a Red-Tailed Hawk with a branch in its beak. He spread his wings and brought the branch to the nest above. What a treat! It looks like we’ll have nesting hawks in our yard again.

And then we started wondering… is it the original parent or one of his offspring that keeps using the same nest each year? So much fun to watch!

What Animal Is This On Boat Meadow Marsh On Cape Cod?


As I was taking a walk to the beach the other day, I saw this very strange “thing” on the marsh. I’m sure the ice from the deep freeze we had a few weeks ago with all of the flooding helped this along. My imagination took over…

Doesn’t it look like a huge animal head coming out of the marsh? You can see the the big head with its mouth and ice tusks and its dark nose up on the left. Its eye is on the top of its head with its ears down to the right. I thought it was so cool.

What do you think? It’s amazing what your imagination can come up with if you let it go…!



Ballston Beach In Truro On Cape Cod


“On March 9 of 2013 Atlantic Hurricane cut a 100-foot wide opening in the narrow barrier dune at Ballston Beach in Truro, on Cape Cod. Tons of seawater surged into the freshwater marshes of the upper Pamet River eventually reaching Route 6, and briefly turning the end of Cape Cod into an island.”

What an incredible story! I took this first photograph from the summit above Ballston Beach on the Pamet Trail. You can see where the dunes were swept away and the water went inland. I took the 2nd photograph a few weeks ago while walking on Ballston Beach with my son. It is expansive!

Mother Nature always does her own thing… incredible, at times!


Great Blue Heron Fishing On The Salt Marsh Trail On Cape Cod


I love that the Great Blue Herons hang around here  in the winter. They must be able to find enough food in the salt marshes and the coves and bay that do not freeze over in the winter.

This Great Blue was fishing in a little pond by the side of Nauset Marsh along the Salt Marsh Trail in Eastham. Looks like he is ready to catch lunch!

My favorite bird! I love it! So beautiful…