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Adorable Sanderlings At Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod.


I love the little Sanderlings as they scurry about looking for food on Coast Guard Beach. These three were dodging the waves to find something to eat. Sanderlings are here on the Cape all year round, so you can frequently see them on the beaches or flying above.

Have you ever seen a Sanderling? Beautiful little shore bird…

Nauset Marsh Trail Overlooking Nauset Marsh On Cape Cod!


I love Nauset Marsh Trail which winds around the Salt Pond by the Visitors Center in Eastham and out to Nauset Marsh.  It is so different each time you hike it. It is particularly pretty this time of year with its fall colors and late-flowering bushes.

Pretty, don’t you think? Love those clouds!


Japanese Honeysuckle Wildflowers On Cape Cod.


I have seen many wild Japanese Honeysuckle wildflowers blooming on Cape Cod this past summer… and even into the fall. They are a climbing vine with delicate, fragrant, white flowers that grow in pairs, turning yellow with age.

Another invasive plant, the Japanese Honeysuckle can smother out other plants.