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My Favorite Trail To The Beach On Cape Cod Bay!

I had not been over to my favorite little trail to the beach on the bay side in a long time. The weather has been fairly cold and windy most of the winter. And then we saw a few springlike days and it was glorious! (Click on blog link for other photo.)

I took 2 photographs of the trail with the 2nd one of them a bit closer than the other. I couldn’t decide which one I liked better. What do you think?

Beautiful Great Egret At Nauset Marsh On Cape Cod.

There were four beautiful Great Egrets on the edge of Nauset Marsh looking for food. It was interesting  watching them as they stalked their prey and then made a dash for the fish.

Such a gorgeous bird, don’t you think? They look so regal as they stand in wait for their next meal to come along.

Unusual Spectator For Our Picnic On Cape Cod!

We frequently will go to Rock Harbor for a picnic lunch and sit in our car enjoying the boats and the birds and all of the activity going on. The past few times that we went there, this “thing” kept staring at me.

It looks like a clown face, don’t you think? When, in fact, it is part of one of the pulley systems on one of the fishing boats. I thought it was so cool. What do you think?

From Then Until Now On Nauset Beach On Cape Cod.

It was last year when they installed the dune fences at Nauset Beach to help curb the erosion that has has been creeping up in the past few years and that took Liam’s away in 2018. (Click on blog link for comparing photo.)

You can see the difference in the two photographs in just a year. (The 2nd photograph is last year.) The planted beach grass has definitely started to grow in and will hopefully help with the beach erosion, saving the beach and parking lot for another few years.