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Beautiful Gray Catbird On Our Feeder On Cape Cod.

We were taking a hike at Fort Hill earlier in the day where we heard many Gray Catbirds calling back and forth, but we couldn’t see them through the heavy brush. (Click on blog link for other photo.)

But, when we got home, there was a Gray Catbird sitting right on our feeder and we were able to get lots of photos. What a treat!  Such a beautiful bird!

Great Horned Owl Feather On The Trail At Fort Hill On Cape Cod.

We were taking a hike at Fort Hill the other day when we saw this gorgeous Great Horned Owl  feather right in the middle of the trail. I’d never seen one up so close. Such an intricate pattern and so  beautiful! Have you ever seen one?

We left the feather on the branch of a bush off to the side of the trail for others to enjoy.

PS  I originally posted this as a Red-tailed Hawk feather. Stephanie Ellis, executive director of Wild Care Cape Cod, corrected me. It is the feather of a Great Horned Owl! Wow! What a treat! Thank you, Stephanie!

Resident Red-Tailed Hawk At Fort Hill On CapeCod.

We frequently see a Red-tailed Hawk on top of the tall pole as you drive past the first parking lot Fort Hill. He sure has a great vantage point looking for is next meal from way up there. We call it the “Fort Hill Resident Hawk” as there always seems to be one up there!