Walking Out To Nauset Spit On The National Seashore In Eastham On Cape Cod

It was a glorious day to walk out to Nauset Spit on Cape Cod from Coast Guard Station. Nauset Spit is where Nauset Beach splits and lets the water into Nauset Marsh. It is ever changing with the changing of the beach sand.

The last time we had been there was about 10 years ago before we moved to Colorado. We had paddled our kayaks out through Nauset Marsh and had a picnic in that same spot. It was so much fun.

We are definitely looking forward to getting our kayaks out next summer and paddling out to Nauset Spit for a picnic. Can’t wait!

Oyster Boat In Wellfleet On Cape Cod

Wellfleet on Cape Cod is known for its oysters. The  Wellfleet oysters are grown out and harvested in and from the estuaries of Wellfleet Harbor, located in the Northeastern region of Cape Cod Bay, so they are locally grown!

Wellfleet will host their 16th Annual  Oyster Fest on October 15th and 16th which brings in thousands of people for the weekend. It’s supposed to be great fun!

I loved this little oyster boat which is docked in Wellfleet Harbor. I wonder if you can get oysters right there? So cool looking, don’t you think?

Nauset Marsh Clouds On Cape Cod Were Gorgeous!


It was a glorious day to take a hike along Nauset Marsh in Eastham on Cape Cod. As you walk over the bridge there is a little creek on the left where we usually see a Great Blue Heron. In the distance is Coast Guard Beach, one the the Top 10 beaches in the USA! It is spectacular!

Red Maple Swamp Trail At Fort Hill In Eastham On Cape Cod

Red Maple Swamp Trail at Fort Hill in Eastham on Cape Cod is really cool. Three are lots of boardwalks to walk on as well as some beautiful trails.

Fort Hill is part of the National Seashore and a great place to hike or just visit for the incredible views of Nauset Marsh and Nauset break.

Spectacular Sunset On September 11th On Cape Cod Bay


The sunset on September 11th  on Cape Cod Bay was spectacular! I had just sat to read my book when I looked out the window and saw some interesting colors in the sky.

I quickly jumped in the car and drove down to the beach on Cape Cod Bay and the sunset was breathtaking!

It doesn’t get much prettier, do you think?

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