Nauset Spit Through The trees At Fort Hill On Cape Cod


The views over Nauset Marsh to Nauset Spit, where Nauset Beach is separated from Coast Guard Beach by a breach, is spectacular… any time of the day, any time of the year.

I really liked this photograph looking through the trees out onto Nauset Marsh from the carving stone at Fort Hill. It was evening but there were still plenty of boats out enjoying the gorgeous summer weather.

Pretty photograph, don’t you think?

Common Wood Nymph Butterfly At Fort Hill On Cape Cod


I’ve seen a lot of Common Wood Nymph butterflies while hiking at Fort Hill lately, especially in the evenings as they love the  grassy borders of woodland edges and openings. 

The Common Wood Nymph, mostly tan and brown with two dark eyespots in an orange patch, has a  2″ to 2  7/8″ wingspan. It is very distinguishable.

Have you ever seen a Common Wood Nymph?  

Spotted Wintergreen Wildflowers Blooming On Cape Cod


Spotted Wintergreen is such an interesting wildflower as the waxy white flowers droop down to the earth until they bloom and then they face the sun. The Spotted Wintergreen  is very similar to a wildflower that I used to see in Colorado called Pipsissiwa which has solid green leaves.

Spotted Wintergreen grows from 4-10″ with 1″ flowers. They bloom in July and August in the woods so you still have plenty of time to find them.

Have you ever seen a Spotted Wintergreen wildflower? Pretty cool looking flower, don’t you think?

Cute Little Northern Flicker In Our Bird Bath On Cape Cod


This young Northern Flicker was having a blast splashing around in our bird bath. There were two of them there for a bit. He was just so cute! And then when he was finished with his bath, he stood on the side of the bath and kept opening his beak. I didn’t hear any sound come out  but he sure was adorable!

How cute is this?

Live In Orleans On Cape Cod Is Not To Be Missed!


Live In Orleans, a weekly music festival, has been so much fun this summer. Live in Orleans features four bands every Tuesday from 5-7pm, July 10- August 14. The festival will showcase a total 24 bands ranging in musical styles from folk and blues to country, rock, and sounds from around the world.

One of the bands that we saw last Tuesday was called the The Drummer Queens and they were awesome! Ten women made up the band of only drummers and the  music and enthusiasm was contagious!

We have listened to so many different kinds of music and each has been delightful. What a great way to spend a Tuesday evening. If you’re in town, you still have a few more weeks to enjoy the music at Live in Orleans!