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Coast Guard Station In Eastham Before The Storm On Cape Cod.


It was such a pretty day to take a walk on the beach with the storm coming in later that day. The clouds were amazing!

I loved this photograph of Coast Guard Station with the dark sky and ominous-looking clouds.

What do you think?

Solitude On Nauset Beach In Orleans On Cape Cod.


Sunday was absolutely gorgeous here on Cape Cod… sunny with the temps in the high 40s with a little wind. Perfect day for a ¬†walk on Nauset Beach.

There were a lot of people on the beach near the parking lot, but once you got a little ways away, you had the beach to yourself.

Gorgeous, don’t you think?



Picture Perfect Day At Fort Hill Overlook On Cape Cod!


It was a gorgeous day for a nice hike at Fort Hill. It was sunny with temps in the 40s but little wind. We had just hiked up to the overlook when this seagull looked as if it was posing on the map of the National Seashore with Nauset Marsh and then Coast Guard Station way in the background.

Beautiful, don’t you think?

Love The trail To Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod.


Coast Guard Beach, part of the National Seashore, is one of the prettiest beaches in the country. I love the trail leading to the beach where you can see the water and waves with the dune grass on either side. It’s the “perfect” Cape Cod photo op!

So pretty, don’t you think?

Interesting Buoy On Nauset Beach On Cape Cod.


We saw this very interesting buoy on Nauset Beach the other day. It looked like someone had stood it up in the sand. As we got closer, you could see all of the mussels attached to the buoy. (Click on link to see the whole buoy.)

We wondered how long the buoy has been in the water with all those mussels. Wow! Pretty interesting, don’t you think?


Red Maple Swamp Trail At Fort Hill On Cape Cod Is On The Alltrails App.


Red Maple Swamp Trail At Fort Hill is one of our favorite hikes. There is so much diversity. I’ve posted many photographs of the hike but never a map, which is at the end of the blog along with ¬†more photographs throughout the blog.

The trail starts out at the trailhead of the first parking lot where you can see sweeping views of the fields which, in the summer, is teeming with wildflowers and butterflies, and out to Nauset Marsh. In the distance you can even see Nauset Beach. Follow the signs for Red Maple Swamp Trail and it will lead you through the woods and to the boardwalk across the swamp. It is beautiful.


From there you can stop at Hemenway Landing and watch the boats going in and out or just sit on one of the 2 benches and enjoy the views. As you head back up the hill, there are several places where you can see Nauset Marsh from above with Coast Guard Station in the distance. You will pass Indian Rock on Skiff Hill which is very interesting.

At the big rock and intersection, you can meander along the shores of Nauset Marsh or head back up the hill to the upper parking lot where you will see more spectacular views. It is the perfect hike for the whole family …any season of the year!