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Great Blue Heron Fishing In The Snow At Meetinghouse Pond In Orleans On Cape Cod

I looked out of our kitchen window yesterday as it was snowing and down by the water at Meetinghouse Pond in Orleans on Cape Cod was a Great Blue Heron…waiting for lunch! Between the snow and reeds he was somewhat difficult to decipher but being my favorite bird, I just knew it was “Blue.”

I have never seen a Great Blue Heron wading in the marsh by our house, so it was quite a treat.

Not a great photograph as it was snowing and it was through the wet window, but still one of “Blue!” Awesome!

Any Day At A Cape Cod Beach Is A Good Day, Even In Winter!

It was so great to see this elderly couple setting up their beach chairs  at Nauset Beach on Cape Cod in the middle of winter just to be able to sit and enjoy the beach. It was a fairly warm day, but with the breezes blowing off of the ocean you still needed your winter jacket.

Fun photograph, don’t you think?


Lots of Paddleboard Surfers At Coast Guard Beach In Eastham on Cape Cod Last Weekend!

It was a gorgeous, warm day last weekend at Coast Guard Beach in Eastham on Cape Cod… a perfect day for a picnic and a walk on the beach.

We were so surprised to see so many paddleboard surfers out in the water. It almost looked like a summer day!

What a cool sight to see in the middle of winter!

Beautiful Black And Gray Brants At First Encounter Beach In Eastham on Cape Cod

We saw several Brants on the shores at First Encounter Beach in Eastham on Cape Cod. The Brant is a small goose of the ocean shores that breeds in the high Arctic tundra and winters along both coasts.

The Brant is a medium to small goose with a black head, neck, and chest and a white, partly broken collar.

The Brant is a very beautiful and distinctive bird. I had never seen one before. Have you?