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Little Mouse On The Trail At Wiley Park On Cape Cod

I heard a little rustle in the leaves at Wiley Park and saw this little mouse scurry up the tree and out onto a branch. This is the first mouse I have seen there. I’ve heard rustling in the leaves many times but always thought it must be a bird. Maybe it was a mouse?

So, I took some photographs up on the branch and then in the leaves below and came home to research what kind of mouse it was. I presumed it was a “Field Mouse.” Well, there are so many different types of mice, I have no idea what kind it is.

Can anyone identify this little guy? Cute, isn’t he?

Nauset Beach On Cape Cod On A Cold Winter Morning

It was a cold and windy early morning at Nauset Beach on Cape Cod, but a glorious day to take a walk. Any day is a glorious day to take a walk on Nauset Beach, or any beach on the National Seashore.

The sun had just gone behind the clouds so it looks almost like dusk.

I loved the wind blowing the spume from the waves.

What do you think?


Posing Seagull At Nauset Marsh On The National Seashore On Cape Cod

I was just finishing a little hike at Fort Hill which overlooks Nauset Marsh when I saw this seagull posing on the fence post with Nauset Marsh and the Coast Guard Station in the background. He stayed there for quite a while, changing his pose periodically.


I couldn’t decide which one I liked better… the one where he is looking straight at me (which is the first one I took) or the one that shows his silhouette.

Which one do you like better?