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Stunned Goldfinch Hit My Picture Window Here On Cape Cod

I saw this stunned little Goldfinch sitting on my deck after he hit my picture window. I had been taking a photograph of a butterfly and when I went to look at it on my camera I saw this little fluff ball on the screen. It looked just like a baby chick at Eastertime. I looked out at the bench on the deck and there was a tiny, little Goldfinch all puffed out, not moving.


I watched as he sat there with his eyes closed. And, little by little, he opened his little eyes and looked around. After about 10 minutes he flew away. I was so glad that he could make it to the bench where he was safe and could warm up in the sun.

Seagull In Flight At Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod

It was a beautiful day to take a walk on Coast Guard Beach in Eastham on Cape Cod, which was rated one of the top ten beaches in the USA this past summer.  And there were lots of Seagulls to photograph along the shore.

This particular Seagull took flight just as Phil clicked away. I loved seeing it in action!

What do you think?


Beautiful Painted Lady Butterfly Feeding On My Zinnias On Cape Cod

This beautiful Painted Lady butterfly flitted from Zinnia to Zinnia in my yard here on Cape Cod. I thought all of the butterflies had left for the season, but this one was still here and certainly took its time savoring each flower.


I couldn’t decide which of the first two photographs I like better. What do you think?


The last photograph was just cool… a head on shot. I love its little eyes!

Red-Breasted Nuthatch In Our Yard On Cape Cod


This little Red-breasted Nuthatch has been hanging around our yard for quite a while now. They are a small nuthatch, only 4 1/2″. Their back is steel blue, their chin is white and their underparts are rufous. They are very distinguishable with their black line through their eye.

I love how they climb down the trees upside down, looking for insects in the bark.

I wonder if it will stay for the winter or migrate south?

Pretty Orange Jewelweed Wildflowers At The Mass Audubon Wildlife Sanctuary In Wellfleet On Cape Cod

It was an overcast, windy day and a perfect day to take a hike on the Silver Spring Trail at the Mass Audubon Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary on Cape Cod. It is mostly in the woods along the river and marshes and so pretty.


I saw this pretty little orange wildflower that I had never seen before. I took a lot of photographs and then learned it was a Jewelweed wildflower. The plant itself grows to about 6′ while the flowers are only 1″ and are very unusual looking, somewhat like an orchid. They love to grow in shady marshes and moist woods.

Have you ever seen a Jewelweed wildflower? It looks so tiny on such a big plant.