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Gorgeous Day To Walk At Nauset Beach In Orleans On Cape Cod

It was a gorgeous day for a walk at Nauset Beach on the National Seashore in Orleans on Cape Cod. The snowed had stopped and the winds had not begun.

I was surprised to see some people there, enjoying a walk on the beach. But, I guess if you’re on Cape Cod, you like the beach any time of the year!

Nauset Beach Grass In Black And White Or Color Photograph?


We got a little bit of snow here in Orleans on Cape Cod yesterday so I thought I’d go down to Nauset Beach and take some photographs.

There was still a little bit of snow on the dunes so I clicked away.


Do you like the black and white photograph or the color one better? I couldn’t decide.

They both give such a different feeling…

Coast Guard Beach Fence In Eastham On Cape Cod


I can see why people like to take photographs of beach fences on Cape Cod. There are so many of them and each one is totally different and unique.

I saw this beach fence on Coast Guard Beach on Cape Cod. It was so pretty with the blue sky and waves in the background that I thought it deserved a spot on my blog.

What do you think?

Lots Of Canada Geese In Our Yard In Orleans On Cape Cod

I looked out the kitchen window yesterday and saw a huge flock of Canada Geese in our yard here in Orleans on Cape Cod. So I got my camera and clicked away.

And the I looked up in the tree by the water and saw about 15 birds perched on the branches. What were they? A quick look with my binoculars told me they were all Northern Flickers. Wow! What  treat!

And then, not 10 seconds later all the Canada Geese and Northern Flickers were all of a sudden in flight like something had frightened them.

Lo and behold…a huge Red-Tailed Hawk flew overhead and the mystery was solved! Pretty exciting for a stretch of about 5 minutes!