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Pretty Yellow Common St.-John’s-Wort Wildflower In Eastham On Cape Cod

This pretty Common St.-John’s-Wort wildflower was growing along the side of the parking lot here in Eastham on Cape Cod. It is so delicate with its many stamens.

Common St.-John’s-Wort grows to about 20″ tall with bright yellow flowers with have 5 petals that are are black-dotted on the edges. It blooms from June to August along roadsides and waste areas.

Have you ever seen a Common St.-John’s-Wort wildflower? Pretty, don’t you think?

Semipalmated Plovers And Least Sandpipers At Boat Meadow On Cape Cod


I was down at Boat Meadow the other day, enjoying a walk on the beach. I didn’t notice all the Semipalmated Plovers and  Least Sandpipers on the flats at low tide. And then, there they were! So many of them!

I clicked away but was afraid to get too close in case I would scare them away. But such a treat! I had never seen any of them there before!

Have you ever seen them there before?


Gorgeous Clouds At Boat Meadow In Eastham On Cape Cod Bay

It’s been so warm lately I seem to be taking a walk after dinner… and I usually end up at Boat Meadow on Cape Cod Bay. I can’t think of a place I’d rather be. It’s always so gorgeous!  Each time is unique unto itself with high tide or low tide or changing tide, sunny or cloudy, windy or calm, etc.

This evening was just gorgeous as the tides were going out and the clouds in the sky were spectacular!