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Queen Anne’s Lace Wildflowers Getting Ready To Seed On Cape Cod

I had never really seen Queen Anne’s Lace wildflowers when they are finished blooming and getting ready to seed. I posted a photograph of them blooming a few days ago at Fort Hill on Cape Cod.

They fold up into what looks like a little ball with all of the seeds drying on top. You can see the seeds in the photograph. When they are dry they will disperse the seeds with the wind.

Mother Nature is amazing, don’t you think?

Wild Blackberries At Fort Hill On Cape Cod

Hiking at Fort Hill in Eastham on Cape Cod is such a treat. You never know what you will see and every time you go it is different. Different wildflowers, different butterflies, different birds, etc.

The other day I saw some wild Blackberries along the side of the trail.

Have you ever seen a wild Blackberry?

Eastern Kingbird At Fort Hill In Eastham On Cape Cod

I saw my first Eastern Kingbird at Fort Hill on Cape Cod the other day! I heard some rustling in the trees and thought it was a Cedar Waxwing. But, out flew this bird which I learned later was an Eastern Kingbird.

Eastern Kingbirds are about 8″ with slate colored wings and back, a white throat and underparts and a black head. Its tail is black with a white terminal band. My bird book says it perches on the  tips of trees near fields which is exactly where I saw it.

Have you ever seen an Eastern Kingbird?

Indian Rock At Fort Hill On Cape Cod

Have you ever see Indian Rock at Fort Hill on Cape Cod?

For thousands of years before the Europeans landed, the Nauset Indians lived beside the marshes of Cape Cod. Among the evidences of their occupation is this grinding rock, one of four such boulders found in the Nauset Bay area.

The Nauset Indians used this rock to grind, polish and sharpen their implements made of stone and animal bones, as well as shape their fish hooks.

It is so cool to see things like this and give tribute to the Nauset Indains who thrived in this area.


Beautiful White Queen Anne’s Lace Wildflowers Blooming All Over Fort Hill In Eastham On Cape Cod

The meadows at Fort Hill on Cape Cod are abundant with beautiful white Queen Anne’s Lace wildflowers. Last month was pink with Beach Pea wildflowers and all you can see now is Queen Anne’s Lace.

Queen Anne’s Lace reminds me of my Mom who showed me the wildflower when I was a little girl and told me that it got its name because it looked just like a delicate piece of lace.


Queen Anne’s Lace grows to about 4′ tall. It is a flat, lacy flower with 4″ clusters of tiny white flowers.

One thing I did not know is that it is poisonous and may irritate the skin. It blooms from June to September in fields and roadsides.