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Just Curious: Why Are The New Dock Pilings So Tall At Rock Harbor?

All of the other rock pilings at Rock Harbor are of similar height and not very tall, while the new ones that were put in last winter are very tall and of multiple heights.  (Click on blog link for other photo.)

Does anyone have any idea why these poles are so different from all of the other poles at Rock Harbor? Just curious…

Sand Fence At Nauset Beach On Cape Cod.

“Sand fencing on a beach or dune can assist in building a new foredune or fill gaps in dune ridges. The fence reduces local wind speed and traps sand, with different fence configurations creating different dune forms and heights. For example, fencing running parallel to the shoreline can build a protective dune ridge while zig-zag arrangements can create wider, more natural appearing dunes supportive of vegetation growth.”

When visiting Nauset Beach, many people stop to take a photo of the sand fences up in the dunes. They seem to be so classic Cape Cod while they are hard at work!