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Breaking News At Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod!

They’re back! Those adorable little summer-resident Piping Plovers are back at Coast Guard Beach. It was such a treat to see 3 of them scurrying along the water’s edge looking for their food of small insects and invertebrates. (Click on blog link for other photos.)

The ironic part was that I had just looked up on the “Checklist of Birds on Cape Cod” on the drive over to Coast Guard Beach to see when they would arrive. It said “late March or April,” so I had my fingers crossed.

Adorable little guys, don’t you think? They should be here till the end of September, so you have lots of time to see them!

A Little Bit Of Sand At Marconi Beach On Cape Cod.

There was quite a bit of sand that washed in from the Nor’easter a couple of weeks ago here on Cape Cod. The bottom of the stairs at Marconi Beach were pretty buried as you can see in the first photograph. (Click on blog link for other photos.)

The good new is that the stairs are still standing and you can still use them to take a nice walk on the beach. I think staying to the right side going down is a little bit easier, as on the left side the sand is pretty high.

I’m sure it will take a little bit of time to dig them out come spring, but well worth the wait as Marconi Beach is one spectacular beach… any time of the year!

Coast Guard Beach And Nauset Light Beach On Cape Cod Are Temporarily Closed.

After seeing all of the erosion at Nauset Beach two days ago, I thought I’d take a walk on Coast Guard Beach to see what it looked like. I was so surprised to see that beach access was closed.  (Click on blog link for more photos.)

You can see how high the sand is by the height of the handrail on the left side in the 2nd photograph. I wonder if there is a dangerous drop-off at the end of this new path and that is why its closed.

I thought maybe I could see what the beach looked like by walking down from Nauset Light Beach. But, that beach was closed too. Hmmmm…

You could see all of the damage in the parking lot at Nauset Light: the metals fences had all blown down, the porta-potty was blown over, the trailer looked askew… It was just a mess. The winds must have been treacherous there during last weekend’s storm storm.

I called the Salt Pond Visitor’s Center to see if they knew why the beaches were closed. They said that the rangers were assessing the situation at the beaches. I guess I’ll have to try again in  couple of days. I sure hope that the new path to Coast Guard Beach is not in jeopardy. Does anyone else know any other information?

Note:  I heard this afternoon  (2/4) that Coast Guard Beach is now open.

Dredging At Rock Harbor On Cape Cod.

It must be that time of the year when they start dredging the harbors, getting ready for all of the boat traffic this spring and summer. We saw them at Wellfleet Harbor a couple of weeks ago and now they are at Rock Harbor. (Click on blog link for other photo.)

It was incredible how they dredge a harbor and painstakingly slow. With one backhoe on the dredger boat , they would scoop up a huge load, drain the excess water and then empty it into a barge between the boat and the dock. Another backhoe on the dock would scoop the sand out of the barge container and into a waiting truck. When that truck was full, it would deliver it to wherever it was designated to go and another truck would takes its place at the dock.

I sent a photo to Phil while I was watching and said, “One scoop at a time! Wow!” It will be very interesting to see how long the whole process takes. Quite amazing and so necessary as the sands wash in year after year making it too shallow to maneuver with a boat without dredging the channel.

The Flower Cottages In Truro On Cape Cod!

I’ve always wanted a photograph of these iconic “Flower Cottages” on Route 6A on the way into Provincetown, but there were always cars and people about. Finally, the other day I got my photograph.

Here is a bit of history of these cottages that I found online:

“Known by some as the flower cottages, the Days’ Cottages in Truro are truly part of an iconic Cape community. A staple in the area since the early 1930s, the cottages offer perhaps some of the best and most immediate access to the sand and water.

Identical from the outside, the 22 cottages are right on the beach between North Truro and Provincetown. Standing all in a row, the cottages have no doubt been the subjects of countless photographs over the years, and they have quite a story to tell.

The Days’ Cottages are all painted white with green shutters, but they’re individually recognized by their names. The original owners named each after its own flower, giving some individualized identity to the Truro beach cottages.

After all, it’s hard to distinguish the cottages from each other from the outside and local laws keep them from ever being altered. They sit right on the beach, though, offering up a front row seat to the sand and water three seasons a year.

Once privately owned by the Days family and rented out during the summer season, the condos have more recently been sold off to individuals, including some families with a long history of vacationing in the area for generations. Those same vacationers who grew up spending the summer season in the cottages, now bring their own family members, as more and more generations come to discover the splendid location right on the sand and water.

While the cottages have been updated with more modern additions, including new furnaces, appliances, roofs and windows, they remain a tribute to Truro’s past. The Days’ Cottages cozy floor plans may be smaller than some apartments and condos, yet they offer decades-old charm and style that would be difficult to replicate today and remains truly appreciated by countless visitors to Cape Cod.”

Have you ever driven by these iconic 22 cottages? I wonder how many photographs have been taken of these treasures…

Please Note : I received a Comment from Days Cottages with one correction:

Thanks Mel, Nice blog post! It’s nice to be appreciated.
One correction: local laws don’t keep them from being altered, however Days Cottages Condominium documents establish strict parameters for cottage exteriors.
Their historical status, acknowledged by the town, will prevent the cottages from ever being demolished.

Thank you for your Comment, Days Cottages!