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Pretty White Canada Mayflower At Hemenway Landing On Cape Cod

I saw this little white Canada Mayflower wildflower a couple of weeks ago at Hemenway Landing by Fort Hill. It is a small woodland plant with tiny 4-petaled flowers clustered on a stem. They only grow 3-6″ in May and June.

I liked the macro of it as you can see its tiny details. So pretty, don’t you think? Have you ever seen a Canada Mayflower?

First Seal Of The Season At Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod

I saw my first seal of the season at Coast Guard Beach the other day. There were quite a few of them in the water, so the water must be warming up a bit. The latest I heard was that the water was 54 degrees. Brrrr…

Cute little guy, don’t you think?

White Dewberry Wildflowers Are Blooming All Over Cape Cod

There are white Dewberries blooming everywhere you look on Cape Cod! They are such a pretty wildflower. So simple, yet so delicate. I saw these on the boardwalk of Red Maple Swamp Trail at Fort Hill.

“Dewberries are a group of species closely related to the blackberries. They are small trailing brambles with fruits, reminiscent of the raspberry, but are usually purple to black instead of red. Dewberries are common throughout most of the Northern Hemisphere and are thought of as a beneficial weed. The leaves can be used to make a tisane, and the berries are edible and taste sweet. They can be eaten raw, or used to make cobbler, jam, or pie.”

Very interesting, don’t you think?

Adorable Little Bunny in Our Yard On Cape Cod

We both saw something scurry across our garden yesterday morning. It was tiny, not much bigger than a hamster. As we slowly investigated, we saw this tiny little bunny just looking  up at us.

He was so cute as I got this photograph of him munching on the Zinnia leaf. It is a dwarf Zinnia, only about 6″ tall.

Cute little critter, huh?