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Sand Art On The Beach On Cape Cod.


Sometimes when we’re walking along the beach, we see the most interesting little sand arts forms caused by wind, rain or the ocean water. This area looked like someone pick us little piles of sand and made little pyramids. Each one was only a couple of inches high. It was so pretty. (Click on blog link for other photo.)

So interesting, don’t you think?

Lots Of Paddle-Surfers Yesterday At Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod!


What a glorious spring day yesterday was at Coast Guard Beach! The weather was a balmy 43 degrees with a light breeze and sunny, sunny skies. We counted 18 paddle-surfers in the water looking for that perfect wave.

It’s the first day that we’ve been to Coast Guard Beach in over a month because of freezing temps and high winds. It was perfect and I’m sure the paddle-surfers thought so too. The waves were big and noisy and fun to ride. Perfect for the first day of spring.

March Came In Like A Lion And Is Still A Lion On Cape Cod!


What a crazy March we’ve had here on Cape Cod! We’ve had the coldest and snowiest days of the winter. I took this photograph at Boat Meadow Beach yesterday morning. Look at all of that snow on the beach and ice in the water.

It’s hard to believe that spring starts on Saturday. Our March here on Cape Cod has definitely come in like a lion and is still a lion… we’re are very ready for that lamb! Maybe by month’s end…?