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Skaket Beach In Orleans On Cape Cod.

“Skaket Beach is situated on the bay side of Cape Cod and is known for its soft white sand and warm waters. It’s also a great option for families with shallow waters for them to play in. During low tide, the exposed tidal flats delight young explorers. It’s also known as a great place to watch a Cape Cod sunset.”

I loved this photograph with the iconic rock way out on the flats. What a gorgeous sky!


Beautiful KiIldeer At Fort Hill On Cape Cod.

I have only seen a Killdeer a couple of times on Cape Cod and not in the past couple of years. And then the other morning, there were two Killdeer foraging in the grass at Fort Hill. What  treat!

We used to see so many Killdeer when we lived in Connecticut. Two of them would annually nest on the median in the parking lot of the school where I taught. They would scurry around between all of the cars but they loved that grassy median.

The Killdeer gets its name from its shrill, two-syllable call, which is often heard, “Kill-deer! Kill-deer!” They are quite identifiable by  the  patches of white and black on the head, and two black bands across the breast.

Have you ever seen a Killdeer? What a beautiful bird!

Sand Fence At Nauset Beach On Cape Cod.

“Sand fencing on a beach or dune can assist in building a new foredune or fill gaps in dune ridges. The fence reduces local wind speed and traps sand, with different fence configurations creating different dune forms and heights. For example, fencing running parallel to the shoreline can build a protective dune ridge while zig-zag arrangements can create wider, more natural appearing dunes supportive of vegetation growth.”

When visiting Nauset Beach, many people stop to take a photo of the sand fences up in the dunes. They seem to be so classic Cape Cod while they are hard at work!