Gorgeous Day At Coast Guard Beach on Cape Cod.

It was a picture perfect, gorgeous day at Coast Guard Beach, part of the National Seashore. In fact, the weather the past few days has been spectacular!

This photo reminds me of the “last hurrah” before school starts for most next week. Sunny, warm and everyone just enjoying that last little bit of beach before school starts!

So pretty, don’t you think?

Glorious Day To Kayak Nauset Marsh On Cape Cod

Yesterday was the perfect day to kayak Nauset Marsh…or any place… on Cape Cod. The weather was perfect… sunny and warm and hardly a ripple on the water.

We launched from Hemenway Landing on Nauset Marsh and were able to paddle out to Nauset Spit the “back way” by Coast Guard Station because it was high tide. At low tide, you cannot get through with all of the sandbars. The water is way too low, even for a kayak.

It was beautiful and we saw lots of different shore birds from Egrets and Great Blue Herons and Cormorants and Sanderlings and Yellowlegs and more. As we neared Nauset Spit we could see some heads bobbing in the water and then a quick splash and a dive under. Yes, the seals were swimming in Nauset Marsh near Nauset Spit. Hopefully the Great Whites won’t follow them in…

An awesome time to get lost in the beauty of Nauset Marsh and everything it has to offer!

Laughing Gulls At Boat Meadow Salt Marsh On Cape Cod

I was walking home from the beach and had just crossed the bridge across the salt marsh when I heard some laughing. I looked out onto th marsh and it looked like there was a flock of Laughing Gulls  having a party,  flying in and out and just laughing.

Have you ever heard a Laughing Gull? Besides being funny, they are really a beautiful bird. I love their black heads. What do you think?

Pretty Purple Spotted Knapweed On Cape Cod

Spotted Knapweed wildflowers, a member of the Aster Family,  are growing profusely here on Cape Cod. Even though they are a pretty and unique wildflower, they are considered invasive in some states.

Spotted Knapweed has a 1″ thistle-like head with forked outer rays and black-tipped bracts. Their many-branched stems are hairy and wiry.  They grow in July and August along fields and roadsides. I took this photograph along one of the trail at Fort Hill.

Have you ever seen a Spotted Knapweed?

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