First Spring Daffodil In Our Yard On Cape Cod

We looked out into our yard yesterday as we were clearing winter brush and branches, and there was a yellow Daffodil right in the middle of the woods. What a treat! I had to walk out to see what it was.

So here is a macro of its beauty and one so you can see how far into the woods it grew without a lot of sunshine.
I thought this would be a fun blog today in that winter has been soooo long and yesterday felt like the first day of spring. And the forecast for today is for sleet and freezing rain with temps in the 30s… Brrrr.

Pretty View Of Nauset Marsh From Fort Hill Trail On Cape Cod

I love this part of the hiking trail at Fort Hill that overlooks Nauset Marsh with Coast Guard Station in the distance. I always wonder why the rocks are lined up by the shore, Usually there is a Seagull sitting atop one of them.

Pretty, don’t you think?

Herring Cove Parking Lot In Provincetown On Cape Cod Got Hammered Over The Winter

It seems like each time we drive to Herring Cove Parking lot on Herring Cove Beach, the parking lot is a bit smaller. The winter storms really took a huge chunk out of it. There’s still room for some cars, but nearly as many as before as you can see by the barriers across the lot.

There is still a much larger parking lot just a few yards away, with restrooms, that holds quite a few cars which is where most of the people who enjoy Herring Cove Beach can park.

Still love the view down to Race Point in the distance.



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