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Common Box Turtle In Our Yard On Cape Cod

We looked out the window the other morning and caught a bit of movement in the yard. But it blended in so well to the background of wood chips. And there was a Common Box Turtle sauntering across our yard, headed for the woods across the way.

A Common Box Turtle is a little more than 5″ with a high-domed shell. It is dark brown with intricate, variable orange and yellow patterns. It loves to live in the woods and meadows.

Our neighbors have talked about Box Turtles in our neighborhood, so they will be so excited to see this new one!

Beautiful coloring, don’t you think?

The Slips At Rock Harbor In Orleans On Cape Cod


The slips at Rock Harbor in Orleans on Cape Cod area getting filled up quickly.  This was such a pretty day and the clouds were spectacular. Rock Harbor is a popular spot to dock your boat on Cape Cod… or to just come and watch the boats go in and out. You can even sit on the beach and enjoy the beauty of Cape Cod Bay.